No two translations are alike and IS Translation will always take into account the style and tone of the text on the basis of your brief of the job. You can expect a high level of quality and a genuine passion for a faultless language in the delivery of your translation.

IS Translation specialises in English-Danish/Danish-English translation of all text types, including highly specialised technical, legal, fincancial and commercial language.

I perform certified translations with stamp and signature of e.g. certificates and formal documents, and in addition to English translation, I also translate common text types from Swedish and Norwegian to Danish and English.

I have experience in many different text types such as product descriptions for webshops, texts for websites, advertising and marketing materials, manuals and instructions, contracts and financial statements as well as textbooks.

In addition to regular translation, I also perform post-editing of machine-translated texts, transcreation and localisation.



No matter how good a text is, a few errors may always sneak in. An external proofreader with a keen eye for details will help you ensure that they do not sneak any further.

I can proofread your texts in Danish and English and eliminate all types of typographic, punctuation and idiomatic errors as well as errors that will alter the meaning of the text in order for you to present a professional end product.


In order to ensure the quality of translated texts to be used for e.g. marketing and teaching, an evaluation or language revision may be required and here I can take an extra look at the proofread text.

Language revision is usually accompanied by detailed explanations of the corrections made, in order to address any issues so that they can be handled correctly in future translations and the quality of the external communication can be assured.